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Quickie Q7

The Quickie® Q7® wheelchair combines cutting edge ultra lightweight wheelchair technology, ergonomic design, and premium materials. Designed for superior handling, efficiency, and speed, the Q7 is the lightest wheelchair we’ve ever manufactured.

Top of the Line Materials and Technology
The genius behind the Q7’s featherweight frame is 7000 series aerospace aluminum. ShapeLoc Technology – the process of heat treating 7000 Series aluminum – increases its strength, allows for thinner tube walls, and decreases overall weight. By combining ShapeLoc Technology with ovalized tubing, the Q7 wheelchair delivers an incredibly strong, rigid ride that weighs as little as 13.3 poundswith wheels and maximizes your speed and efficiency with every push.

Adjustable & Active Rigid Frame Styles
Whether you are a new user or have been a loyal Quickie fan for years, the Q7 wheelchair has an option for you. The Adjustable frame accommodates changing environments and conditions, and allows for quick back angle adjustments. The Active Rigid is ideal for those who know exactly what they need. A fully rigid frame wheelchair backrest reduces the overall weight by 1.25 lbs. and transfers energy directly from your arms to the axles for the most efficient propulsion.

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