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Quickie 2 Lite

Quickie 2 lite folding lightweight wheelchair has a choice of Swing away, fixed 70° or fixed 80° front frame style. Quickie 2 lite wheelchair comes in a lighter and more streamlined model. The Quickie 2 lite offers an efficient option mix for active users looking for performance, style and fit.

The Sunrise medical Quickie 2 lite has more features and options for customization than any other folding wheelchair in the market. It’s versatility and well-established track record make the Quickie 2 lite the premier choice in a manual folding chair. The Quickie 2 lite has a fully adjustable axle plate with camber, center of gravity, overall width and seat height adjustments. The Sunrise medical Quickie 2 lite ultralight wheelchair has the widest variety of hanger, footplate, frame, caster, wheel, backrest and armrest options.

Ultralight frame

The Sunrise medical Quickie 2 lite folding lightweight wheelchair weighs 27.75 lbs including frame, wheels, arms, hangers w/ footplates.


The Sunrise medical Quickie 2 lite folding lightweight wheelchair was designed using the same guiding principles as the industry-leading Quickie 2. The Quickie 2 lite offers a highly-adjustable modular frame. It features multiple front frames and seat rails in combination with an independent cross brace and rear frame.

Q-Fit™ technology

Used inside many of the connecting components of the Sunrise medical Quickie 2 lite folding lightweight wheelchair, Q-Fit ensures a tight fit right out of the box. The padded swing-away armrest and the plastic side guard both feature living spring receivers that are virtually wiggle-free.

Curb appeal

The rounded rear frame, reduced side profile, Q-gusset, redesigned front caster housing and footplate all give the Quickie 2 lite wheelchair a smooth, contoured, and natural feel.


  • Highly-adjustable modular frame

  • New, Redesigned caster housing

  • Only 27 pounds fully loaded including legrests

  • Rounded rear frame and Reduced side profile

  • One FREE growth kit within the first 5 years of chair ownership

  • Option of a swing-in/swing-out front frame or a fixed front frame

  • Hemi-adjustment is now available in the new Quickie 2 lite caster journal

  • Angle adjustable backrest provides multiple back angles and adapts to the user’s PSIS height

  • Patented GT series angle-adjustable spline system with a multi-position fork for easy adjustment from above

  • The new spoke wheel highlights a versatile, reliable streamlined hub design that is Quickie’s lightest standard wheel to date

  • Single post height adjustable armrest features an easy-to-use release handle, height-adjustment trigger, and contoured desk or full arm pads

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