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Quickie Iris SE Tilt in Space.jpg

Quickie Iris SE Tilt-in-Space

Quickie IRIS tilt-in-space manual wheelchair is a perfect solution for the pediatric user requiring rotation-in-space seating.


The Sunrise medical Quickie IRIS (Intelligent rotation in space) tilt-in-space wheelchair was developed as a dramatic new approach to tilting in space. Unlike systems that incorporate a fixed pivot-point, dual pivot-point, or linear element, the Quickie IRIS rotational design is based on the idea of rotating the seat-frame around a user’s center-of-gravity. This, combined with up to 60° of posterior rotation and hi-resolution adjustment, provides the ultimate in control, maneuverability, and stability.


The Sunrise medical Quickie IRIS tilt-in-space wheelchair is available with a transit option for 250 lbs. and 350 lbs. user weight-limits. Most tilt-in-space wheelchair users have difficulty making transfers and many are required to remain in their wheelchair. The transit option avoids many of the problems associated with transferring in and out of the wheelchair during transportation. Special aluminum alloys make the Quickie IRIS one of the lightest manual rotation-in-space chairs in today’s market.

  • Transit option

  • Rotation-in-space

  • Built-in adjustability

  • The 60° tilt advantage

  • Low seat-to-floor height

  • Patented backpost bracket

  • Special angle-adjustable stroller handle

  • Specialty options, such as a reclining backrest, vent-and-battery tray, and one-arm drive are all available as “on-chair” options

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