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Swing Away AMP.jpg

Swing Away AMP

  • Designed to install on all popular wheelchairs within minutes.

  • Provides patients a fully adjustable Accessories that will coincide with any wheelchair cushion.

  • Allows patients to be transferred in and out of a wheelchair within seconds.

  • Installs onto either left or right side of wheelchair.

  • Fits tubing sizes from 7/8″ to 1″.

  • Foam construction has soft entry layer for comfort and firmer base layer for support covered with incontinent proof cover.

  • Amputee pad has adduction to help center residual limb.

  • Transit option

  • Rotation-in-space

  • Built-in adjustability

  • The 60° tilt advantage

  • Low seat-to-floor height

  • Patented backpost bracket

  • Special angle-adjustable stroller handle

  • Specialty options, such as a reclining backrest, vent-and-battery tray, and one-arm drive are all available as “on-chair” options

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