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Breezy Ultra 4

Breezy Ultra 4 manual wheelchair is a high-strength, lightweight, portable wheelchair. Ultra 4 with a lightweight aluminum frame and adjustable components helps you function at your best and responds to your changing needs. Breezy Ultra 4 chair’s sleek, refined frame makes it one of the lightest folding wheelchairs in its class. Available in 40 ready-to-ship models, the Ultra 4 accommodates your specific needs to offer you enhanced function and positioning.

The Ultra 4 comes standard with premium features including quick-release wheels for easy transport, quick-adjust footrests, and up to three axle positions for seat height adjustments. The highly-adjustable Ultra 4 can be customized to fit your individual positioning needs. Components such as foot plates, hangers, back canes, and seat heights can be adjusted based on cushion selection, while the angle adjustable back enhances postural support.

Ultra hemi frame:  Allows for a seat height as low as 13.5″.
Quick-release wheels:  Makes loading in and out of vehicles easy.
Optional height-adjustable arms:  With 4″ of vertical adjustment allowed for use of cushions.
Quick-adjust footrests:  Adjust without tools using spring-loaded detent buttons. Heel loops adjust with Velcro.
Angle-adjustable front casters:  Accommodate angled seating surfaces without moving the caster housings out of square.
Optional angle-adjustable back:  Adjusts from 6° anterior to 24° posterior in 6° increments for better positioning. Height adjusts to 17″, 18″ or 19″.
Adjustable axle positions:  Offer three seat height options on the Standard frame and two on the Ultra Hemi frame, providing the ability to add a fixed tilt for greater flexibility.

The product comes standard with:

  • Heel loops

  • Push to lock

  • Quick release axles

  • Silver texture frame color

  • Adjustable height backrest

  • Upholstery with chart pocket

  • Mag wheel with aluminum hand rim

  • Angle adjustable front caster housing

  • Swing-away hanger with composite footplate

  • Height adjustable

  • Built-in adjustability

  • Premium no charge options

  • Frame in multiple combinations

  • High-strength, lightweight and portable

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